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A Writer's Den: A Tale of 3 Bloggers

Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Tale of 3 Bloggers

We Blog Better, The Work At Home Wife, & Me

I really don’t consider myself a blogger. I’m more like an amateur, or a work in progress. The reason why I started blogging was because I needed someone, anyone to desperately read what I was writing. So I guess you could say I needed an audience. Then I realized that I had nowhere for my audience to go. An audience with no place to visit me was like having sweet tea with no sugar. You’ve probably already guessed that I’m southern. Somehow I stumbled upon the world of blogging, and I thought it would be an easy, cost efficient way for me to become famous (maybe one day, right?) by forcing poor souls like you to read my stuff. 

Little did I know, there is nothing easy about the world of blogging. I learned that really quick when my first blog went up in smoke. But a couple of months later, I decided to take another go at it, but this time I was really going to try to make this work. So I pulled out the big guns…

We Blog Better 

“Blogging Tips & Tricks for Much Better Blogging”

Kiesha Easely is the owner and editor-in-chief of WeBlogBetter.com. She’s always blogging about a thousand different ways to help her fellow bloggers. I took the leap a couple of months ago and reached out to Kiesha when I couldn’t understand why my retweet button was displaying the same number of tweets for all my posts. Then I reached out again when I had a question about backlinks. I had no idea when I clicked on her contact form that she would even write back, but she did. And I was shocked. This changed my entire outlook on the blogging world. Here I was trying to do it all alone, when there are people out there like Kiesha willing to lend a helping hand.

So please visit her blog, and also check out the WeBlogBetter’s Birthday Celebration Cash Give-away!! 

The Work at Home Wife 

“Home Business Solutions and Internet Marketing Tactics”

Angie Nelson is a work at home wife, virtual assistant and owner of ASN Virtual Services. Angie truly understands the need to escape the cubicles of the business world, and uses her blog to help others find freedom. Angie has always been very supportive of my writing, by sharing my articles with her followers on Twitter. But she recently allowed me to work on a project for her, on a subject that I truly feel like I barely know anything about, blogging. She couldn’t have approached me at a better time because I really needed a confidence boost.

I think you all will really like her latest post, “Upping Your Game to Overcome Intimidation.” 

As for me, I’ve still got tons of work to do on this blog. But it’s nice to know that I’m not alone.

  Kludgy Mom

Week 4 Assignment: feature a few of your loyal followers  in a post this week. Act as if you’re their media agent and you’re trying to get them a job. Sell them to your community – talk about how fabulous they are. Or maybe just say thank you to specific followers for their support. You can feature them however you want to – get creative!

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