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A Writer's Den: Dating Your Way to the Perfect Preschool

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dating Your Way to the Perfect Preschool

3 Steps that Will Make You an Expert in Choosing the Perfect Preschool

credit: Omar_Franc © sxc.hu/Omar_Franc

Dating someone new is exciting, a little intimidating and downright challenging. But if you’ve ever been on a date, you will find that choosing a preschool is no different. And as parents, we must prepare ourselves to face the inevitable. Our little babies will grow into pre-kindergarteners and leave the nest. For many parents, daycare may have been your first experience with allowing a third party to care for your child, outside of family and friends. For others, preschool will be the first time you allow a third party to not only care for your child but also prepare your child for kindergarten. Choosing a preschool may be a new experience for you, but hopefully dating isn’t.

When you’re dating, you probably keep a shortlist of the places where you are interested in meeting people, you mingle with the crowd while searching for that perfect someone and you may even be introduced to your soul mate through friends. Here is a shortlist of how those 3 things will make you an expert in choosing the perfect preschool: READ FULL ARTICLE: Dating Your Way to the Perfect Preschool

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