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A Writer's Den: Are You Ready to Purchase a Home?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are You Ready to Purchase a Home?

Stop Listening to All the Doom & Gloom of the Housing Market and Call Your Realtor!

credit: jhorrocks © istockphoto.com/jhorrocks

You were so excited when you finally decided to take the leap into homeownership. You worked hard to maintain your credit score. You even saved a hefty down payment to purchase your new dream home. But then the housing market crashed and you decided it wasn’t the time to purchase a home. Fast forward 3 years later, the housing market is still up one week, down the next week, 1% better than last month, but 15% worst than this exact day one year ago, with foreclosures rising .2% higher than they were exactly one minute ago. Depending on what you’re reading and what channel you’re watching, it is understandable that you are scared to purchase a home. But you can’t allow your fear to stop you from buying the home that you’ve been waiting for.

Here are a few reasons why you should turn off your television, skip the real estate section of the newspaper, and avoid any real estate online content that’s discouraging you from buying your dream home:READ FULL ARTICLE: Are You Ready to Purchase a Home?

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