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A Writer's Den: Update: It’s My Birthday & I’m Breakin Outta Here!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Update: It’s My Birthday & I’m Breakin Outta Here!

If you read It’s My Birthday & I’m Breakin Outta Here, the big question is whether I made it out the house on Friday night? And the short answer to that question is “yes.” However, if you have some time to stick around, here’s how my day unfolded.

Friday Morning
Friday morning begin with Kinsley’s Meet & Greet at her preschool. I was determined to make one trip into the school, although I was also dropping off a large brown bag of school supplies for Kinsley. With Kaydence latched on to me in her BabyBjörn, and Kinsley walking closely next to me, I managed to heave the bag onto my left hip. Kinsley grabbed her poster board, another item on her list. But I must have looked like a wreck because one of the parents of the little girls in Kinsley’s class last year came over to help me out. Kinsley seemed so excited on our way to the school, but as she walked down the hall to her new classroom, she abruptly paused like a statue. Then the tears started to flow. She refused to enter the class. Evidently it was too overwhelming, meeting new teachers, new classmates, and a new classroom. A few minutes later she was finally calm enough to enjoy herself. I’m not sure what those preschoolers were thinking, but I witnessed children hiding behind their parents, desperately trying to make an escape to the playground area. It was nice to see how calmly the teachers reacted to all the meltdowns. As always, Kaydence was observing her surroundings and taking it all in.

Friday Afternoon/Evening

Finally we were back at home. I think the girls must have figured out that I had plans because they kept me on my feet most of the day. We played, we danced, we sang, we read books, we watched cartoons…you name it, we did it. Kinsley went down first for her nap. Kaydence refused to take a nap, instead choosing to nurse for another two hours. It was around 4:15 pm when Kaydence fell asleep in her bouncy chair (she refuses to sleep in a bed during daytime hours). Shortly thereafter, Brandon got home and I raced to the bathroom. I showered, curled my hair, polished my nails, did my makeup, and got dressed. Kaydence woke up around 7 p.m., and I decided to nurse her again until I walked out the door. She hates bottles, but Brandon was prepared to fight with her for the next 24 hours. My ride finally arrived. As I walked out the door, I went over to hug Kinsley and that’s when it happened. The kid felt like a sauna. I immediately took her temp and it was a whopping 102.6. Brandon begged me to leave, promising to get Kinsley’s fever down. I kept thinking what kind of mother leaves her child at home with a fever of 102.6? Brandon reminded me by answering “the kind of mother with a husband that can take care of the girls.” Needless to say, he kicked me out of the house with the mandate that I have fun.

Friday Night
We started off at the Cheesecake Factory, one of my faves! Our waiter was a charming young man that made the mistake of not carding us. Clearly I still look 21, right? I ordered a blackened chicken sandwich and sangria to drink. The fruit that garnished the drink taste as if it had soaked in the sangria for hours, and it was probably one of the best sangrias I have tasted. Wet Willy’s in Buckhead was next on our agenda. There were a lot of teeny boppers there, as I refer to those under 30, but we were dying to taste one of their drinks. I ordered a “call me a cab.” It tastes horrible, but I managed to get it down. No way was I wasting $10.00. And besides that, the name “call me a cab” made perfect sense after I finished it. Then we headed over to the Sage Wood Fire Tavern, a restaurant/lounge in Perimeter. The DJ played a really great mix of reggae music. We ended the night with tequila shots, an old time favorite since my college days.

Besides my texting and calling to check on the girls, I had to stop by their rooms to personally see that they were okay. Kaydence was smiling in her sleep, and I kissed her softly whispering a bedtime prayer. Kinsley woke up long enough for me to give her a hug, and check her temp. I kissed her and said a little prayer. My night was finally over… I was home with my guy and my girls.

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