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A Writer's Den: Potty Training 101

Friday, June 25, 2010

Potty Training 101

credit: rbv © istockphoto.com/rbv

Does Your Toddler Need a Theme Song?

Most toddlers begin potty training between eighteen and twenty-four months according to The American Academy of Pediatrics. There are tons of reference materials available to parents on the steps they should take in transitioning their toddlers from the world of diapers to big kid training pants. Many parents will research everything on potty training including what kind of potty to buy and the best pull-ups to purchase. But when parents find out that the two year old next door is already fully potty trained, they will even hurry their toddler off to the pediatrician to find out why in the heck their three year old is not potty trained yet. Of course the pediatrician will have to break the seemingly good news to the parents that their toddler is perfectly fine. That is when every parent looks their pediatrician in the eye and asks, “If my toddler is perfectly fine, why isn’t she using the potty?” As a parent, I suggest that instead of concentrating on what’s wrong with our toddlers, we should ask ourselves “Is it possible that we should re-evaluate the training methods we are using?” The answer is a resounding YES! READ FULL ARTICLE: Potty Training 101: Does Your Toddler Need a Theme Song?

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