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A Writer's Den: It’s My Birthday & I’m Breakin’ Outta Here!

Monday, August 09, 2010

It’s My Birthday & I’m Breakin’ Outta Here!

So here is a picture of me a year ago, still in my size 3 college body. We were celebrating my husband’s birthday at Luckie Lounge in Atlanta and I invited a couple of our friends out. To make a long story short, he must have really enjoyed his birthday because fast forward one month later on my birthday that same year, I’m happily knocked up with our second child.

For 37 weeks, I did what I do best when I’m pregnant. Eat. I gained 40 lbs. But thanks to good genes (yeah my mom is tiny), I have lost almost all of it. On April 1, 2010, I delivered my second daughter, Kaydence. That was 3 weeks earlier than my due date. I begged and pleaded with my doctor to keep her in for just one more day. Seeing how I could barely walk, and had been in labor since twelve midnight the night before, I guess it was inevitable that my doctor’s appointment that morning would end with me in labor & delivery. But seriously, who wants their baby to be born on April Fool’s Day (it was also Holy Thursday)? I’m starting to think God has a sick sense of humor when it comes to me because my 1st daughter, Kinsley, was born on Independence Day. So needless to say, I’m done.

Well my birthday will be here in a few days, and I’m finally breakin’ outta here. I’ve been cooped up in the house, nursing my baby and chasing my toddler around at the same time. I have mastered the art of cooking with my right hand, with a baby on my left hip, and a toddler screaming for 100% of my undivided attention. So it was a blessing when I received a text from Maleka, my line sister, my bestie, and everybody’s wanna be mom that truly knows it all (which is why I call her Ma Ma Leka). If she can’t help you, nobody can. She invited me out for my birthday, and YES I jumped on it after receiving approval from the hubby. Brandon is actually excited that I’m breakin’ outta here!

What about my girls? The closer it gets to Friday, the more I will question my decision to walk out the door. So I decided to write this blog entry today, hopefully to hold myself to breakin’ outta here. On Saturday, I’ll let you know if I actually made it out the front door.

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